Wilber S. Recommends Kevin Moghtanei

“I contacted Kevin Moghtanei shortly after I was arrested and charged with an alcohol related misdemeanor. Kevin was the last of three attorneys I consulted regarding my citation. I chose to hire Kevin for several reasons: he had a plethora of knowledge regarding the law, he asked the right questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident, he spent a great deal of time getting to know me as a person, he clearly and concisely explained all of the potential outcomes, and most importantly, because he presented several different legal defense routes while accounting for every imaginable contingency. Through working with Kevin, I was able to get my case FULLY DISMISSED. I faced zero jail time, zero community labor, did not have to pay any court fines, received no probation, and of course, I received no criminal conviction to my name. Kevin made himself available to me virtually at all times from the moment I hired him as my lawyer to the moment my case was complete. The reason I am writing a review of my experience with Kevin is not because is a great lawyer— which he has proven himself to be. But instead, I write because I genuinely believe he is a great person. Even though the circumstance surrounding my encounter with Kevin was less than ideal, it was a great pleasure to have met and worked with Mr. Moghtanei. I strongly recommend Kevin to anyone in need of legal representation.”

– Wilber S.

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