What Are The Different Types of Theft And Robbery Offenses In California?

California has many theft crime offenses, some of which include petty theft, grand theft, burglary, shoplifting, embezzlement, and robbery among others. Some charges such as the crime of robbery can further be divided into degrees. For example, 1st degree robbery is much more serious than 2nd degree robbery. One of things that is most damaging on theft cases is the unshakeable stigma of being labelled a convicted thief. Many individuals that I represent are young and they may have stolen something relatively minor several years prior. However, unfortunately, most employers continue to be wary of hiring an individual who has been convicted of any theft crime. It can be very difficult for that person to obtain employment or career advancement in the future.

In all theft cases, as is the same for all criminal cases, one of the biggest issues is restitution. Restitution is the requirement that the victim be made whole again after the incident. For example, if the theft was proven to be worth $3,000 and that amount has not been recovered, a Court will order an individual to pay full restitution back to the alleged victim. Even if probation is successfully completed and the person completed all his other obligations, so long as restitution has not made in full, courts will generally exclude the person from getting his or her theft record expunged (cleared).

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