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Of all the crimes that can be charged, few carry the stigma that are associated with sex crimes. Not only do many sex crime convictions require registering as a sexual offender, but the possibility of finding or maintaining meaningful employment greatly diminishes.

Friends, family, colleaues, fellow churchgoers and others who used to spend time with such an individual may shun this individual. A sex crime conviction may also disallow an individual to live in many communities throughout California, causing the individual to feel reclusive and forced to live in high-crime areas.

What Types Of Sex Crime Offenses Does Your Firm Handle?

I have a great deal of experience in handling both felony sex crimes and misdemeanor theft crimes throughout Los Angeles County. Fortunately, many sex crimes accusations are fraudulent allegations, and can be exposed as being frauds. Many cases lack any physical evidence, and rely solely upon “he-said-she-said” evidence. These cases offer a fighting chance. Some of the most common types of sex crimes I handle include:

  • Rape – Penal Code section 261
  • Spousal rape – Penal code section 262
  • Child Molestation – Penal Code section 288
  • Continuous sexual abuse of child – Penal Code section 288.5
  • Sexual penetration – Penal Code section 289
  • Sodomy – Penal code section 286
  • Oral copulation – Penal code section 288a

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