Sex Crime Attorney

What Types Of Sex Crime Offenses Does Your Firm Handle?

Throughout my years of experience, there is probably no crime more intimate or difficult than an allegation of a sex crime. Many times, the allegations are absolutely untrue and inconsistent with the person I am representing. Nevertheless, even just being accused of a sex crime can lead to devastating, life-changing outcomes on a person’s life, including divorce, loss of friends, job loss, and social isolation among other collateral consequences. If a person is convicted of a sex crime, he or she can be required to submit to annual Sex Offender Registration, which is easily the most stigmatizing aspect of a conviction.

In 99% of my cases, I refuse any offers by prosecutors requiring my clients to comply with Sex Offender Registration. Once registered, a person can be deemed a lifelong sex offender and their photo and information are listed for all the public to mock and view. Further, this person has to check in every year with law enforcement in order to renew their registration and inform them of any sort of the change in address, employment, or education, if they can even obtain employment or education in the first place. If someone is convicted of a sex offender crime, it is a stigma that is almost impossible to shake. Most sex offender cases are felony charges.

An individual who is charged with a sex crime is also looking at excessive testing in order to determine whether they are a sex predator and whether there is any chance of reoffending. After registering as a sex offender, the person can no longer live near places such as public schools, community centers, or parks. In many cases, this precludes them from being able to live in their home, where they have lived for decades. The isolation that a person faces from people around them can be extremely daunting, and their employment prospects are slim.

My office handles all California sex crime allegations. I have been very successful in getting sex crime cases dismissed or greatly reduced to non-registerable offenses, and showing that allegations are untrue or exaggerated. I do everything possible to try and bring my client’s life back.

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