The police and prosecution had launched a criminal investigation against me based on some allegations. The other party had made a claim that I had criminally battered them. An arrest and criminal filing would have tarnished my clean record, and left me with a public record of criminal malfeasance. Also, a conviction of this charge would lead to among other things: up to 6 months in the county jail, probation for several years, loss of the right to own/use/possess any firearms for at least 10 years, a criminal protective order/ stay-away order, heaving community labor, fines and fees to the courts, and worst of all would have branded me a criminal on my record. But Kevin fought back hard, and were able to get the City Attorney's Office to ultimately agree and side with us! This was a tremendous result, and I am so happy that Kevin was able to stop this case very early on. I will now have no record of this matter on my public record! The hearing officer even told me how lucky I was to have Kevin on my side. His attention to detail and follow-through made an impression on the city attorney. I truly thank Kevin for his confidence in me in representing me in this matter. I could not have done it without Kevin! Once again, Thank You, Kevin!!!