Mike R. Recommends Kevin Moghtanei

“First of all, no one wants legal troubles. If they do arise, no one wants to have to to look up attorneys and go meet with them. I met with a couple of different attorneys before hiring Kevin for my case. Let me tell you, best decision I could have made. Without airing out all my dirty laundry here in yelp, as Dj's and people who work in nightlife in general, it's not uncommon to hear about DUI cases in this line of work, it's important to know your rights, what kind of charges you are facing and what can be done to reduce those charges. Kevin worked with me from Day 1, to prep me for court, and how we could in fact get those charges reduced. I had my final hearing this past Friday, and couldn't have been more satisfied with the results. Again without going into detail, Kevin went above and beyond to strike charges from my case, and reduce fines to nothing basically. California has a hard on for these types of cases, but with the right attorney, you do have options, options I didn't even know were available to me.

Last thing I want to point out is this.. I sat and watched different attorneys appear in front of the same judge as my case, and man let me tell you I'm so happy that I hired Kevin. He came in after these other defendants, and proved to me he was worth every cent. Little things. Little things can make all the difference with these judges. Highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking defense council for your particular situation.”

– Mike R.

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