Kaleila J. Recommends Kevin Moghtanei

“This was my first time having to deal with a court case and a DUI and I was completely lost! I originally missed my court date which led me to have a warrant for my arrest and 20,000 BAIL! There was a misunderstanding and I didn't have the original sheet with the court date on it. I only received my license hearing date. I immediately called a friend that is a lawyer and she recommended Kevin for me. He was prompt in setting up a meeting and very easy to work with! I felt in good hands!

The police arrested me for an allegation of a DUI, along with an additional allegation of driving with a blood alcohol content over .08%. (I was .10) And they were seeking prosecution for these charges against me. A conviction of these charges could have resulted in county jail time up to 180 days, and being found guilty of driving over .08% allegation would have resulted in an automatic license suspension. But we fought back.

And our result was amazing: we got BOTH the original allegation of DUI dismissed, and the allegation of driving with .10% dismissed as well! I'm so glad I wasn't convicted of DUI or Wet and Reckless because that's very bad for your insurance rates! But our outcome was really amazing. We got zero jail time, saved over $1,200.00 in court fines/ fees, with the very minimum informal/ summary probation. Technically I can live wherever I like and travel wherever I want over the next 2 years and nobody could say otherwise. No need to check in with anyone, no probation officer, no drug tests, etc., nothing. I Just stay out of trouble.

Further, after the summary probation is over, I can get the whole damn case fully expunged off my record, so that I can legally write that I was never charged or convicted of anything in this case! This was overall a very excellent result!

Now just waiting for the result of my license hearing Nov 22. I have a good feeling about it. Update coming..”

– Kaleila J.

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