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How many beers can you drink and still feel in control? How many mixed drinks? How many alcoholic drinks could you consume in an hour and feel fine, not stumbling, or slurring your speech? The number you think of for any of the aforementioned questions is probably more than sufficient—to land you in jail if you drive. Many people may be surprised to find that their blood alcohol level (BAC) is over the allowed limit for operating a motor vehicle long before they begin to feel ‘tipsy' or have any slurring of speech, unsteady legs, etc. The fact is, impaired driving can be caused by a much smaller amount of alcohol than you probably realize.

State alcohol laws in California are designed to keep drivers from getting behind the wheel when they are compromised by alcohol in even a slight manner. Essentially, California law seeks to prevent not only drunk driving but impaired driving as well. You don't need to be swerving all over the road to be an impaired driver. A small amount of alcohol may be all that is needed to slow down your reaction time, and when you're driving and the car in front of you slams their brakes to avoid hitting a bicycle or animal running across the road, you need every partial second of reaction time to make instant decisions and avoid an accident. Alcohol makes you less alert, slows your reaction time, inhibits your ability to focus, and so much more, and even what you thought was ‘just a drink or two' can sometimes be enough to cause an accident that may take a life, or irrevocably alter one.

The Law Isn't Interested In Excuses | DUI Defense Lawyer In San Fernando, CA

Let's face it, Americans like to celebrate life. You won your annual company softball game against your nemesis competitor company. They may have beaten you in sales this year, but you crushed them on the softball field! Time to celebrate. You hit the bar with your buddies to grab a pitcher (or two) of beer and celebrate the big win.

You get a promotion at work and your husband takes you out to a big dinner to celebrate. One wine glass might have been fine with the meal, but it's been a great day and you decide to have another after dinner. Are you still within the legal allowable limit to operate a motor vehicle? You should probably leave your car and call a rideshare, but it'll be such a hassle in the morning to get your car before work. Do you make the smart choice and play it safe?

After 5 years of what you thought was good, maybe not perfect, but really good relationship, your boyfriend decides that it's time for you both to ‘see other people.' Of course, this is depressing news because it came out of nowhere. You were blindsided by it, so your friends rally you and take you out for drinks and good conversation to get your mind off your misery. A drink or two to soothe the pain of a broken heart, we've all been there.

Three scenarios that could possibly lead to driving while impaired or driving under the influence (DUI). And there are a million more possible scenarios. The fact is, millions of Americans make these kinds of judgment calls daily. Should I drive home? I've only had one drink. I only had two drinks. Maybe I should call a cab? If you have to ask, then the answer is yes, you should definitely call a cab. But we don't always make the best decisions. We're imperfect and flawed humans, and though most people make the right decision, many don't. And when the bad decision to get behind the wheel when your BAC is over the line is made, there is no coming back from that. Accidents can be fatal or cause permanent injuries. Drunk driving can ruin lives, and does, every day in America.

But beyond the human tragedy, if you are lucky enough to avoid it, you can rest assured that California officers, be they police or patrol, are looking for you if you're driving under the influence. And the law doesn't care about your excuses. The law only cares about public safety, and driving under the influence is a breach of the contract we all make with each other as citizens, and for that, there are penalties. You're going to need a good DUI defense lawyer in San Fernando, CA.

DUI Convictions Can Ruin Your Life | DUI Defense Lawyer In San Fernando, CA

Many people every year are surprised to find themselves sitting in a jail cell for what they thought was ‘just a drink or two,' but California law takes impaired driving and driving under the influence very seriously. It's not tolerated. California is a safety-first state and there are countless laws on the books designed to protect the public. We're lucky that way, as many other states do not provide as much protection on so many levels as California does for its citizens and those who choose to vacation in and visit our great state.

But sometimes, many times, good people make mistakes. And sometimes there are other factors, such as medicines that may contribute to a quicker rise in your BAC. Diabetics may be unaware that they have to take it easier with alcohol. Testing equipment, such as breathalyzers can malfunction. Blood tests can be inaccurate. Medical or police personnel can make errors when evaluating or testing. While these scenarios are not the norm, they do happen.

When you've been arrested for DUI or impaired driving, you need to contact a DUI defense lawyer in San Fernando, CA immediately. An experienced DUI attorney will look at all the factors in your case, consider the handling of evidence, consider your medications, consider the testing procedures that arrived at your DUI charge, and many other factors. A skilled DUI defense lawyer in San Fernando, CA will know where to look, and what to look at in order to find cracks in the prosecution's case, whether that be human error, equipment/testing errors, or another reason.

A skilled DUI defense lawyer will consider every angle and make every attempt to poke holes in the prosecution's arguments. In short, your DUI defense lawyer will do everything within her or his power to get your case dismissed, get you a reduced charge or reduced sentence, keep the charge from staying on your permanent record, etc. They will do whatever is legally possible to make your DUI go away, or at the very least, make it easier for you to live with, inflicting as little discomfort upon you as possible.

Every case is different, and what works for one DUI case may not work for another, and this is precisely one of the main reasons you need to work with a seasoned DUI defense lawyer in San Fernando, CA. A green lawyer fresh out of law school may not know the best defense strategies for DUI, nor will they have relationships with prosecutors and/or judges that could benefit you and your case by possibly getting reduced charges or lesser sentences. When you have been charged with DUI, you cannot afford to take a chance. Your career, your finances, your relationships, even the custody of your children could all be on the line. Don't risk your future. Call us. We can help. DCD | Law, DUI & Criminal Defense is the law team you need when it's all on the line.

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