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Criminal Defense Practice

From the very beginning, I have focused my practice exclusively on DUI and Criminal Defense. This is all I do, literally—nothing else.

I am in court every single day of the workweek, and I handle criminal matters exclusively. I visit clients in jail every week. I've seen and handled practically every kind of case imaginable; my experience is deep and wide in the criminal justice area.

I have regular interactions with the courts, court staff, prosecutors, bailiffs, and all the other people who keep the wheels of the criminal justice system turning.

I love what I do, and I do it well. You might say that I am a bit obsessed with my work, because I find myself constantly thinking about, and evaluating, my cases. My motivation is fueled by the injustice I see in courthouses all throughout Los Angeles County, each and every day.

As a defense lawyer in the San Fernando Valley, I truly understand and appreciate the difficult time you and your family may be experiencing while awaiting the final disposition of your matter. There is never a case too small, nor a case too big. I fervently believe in the power of solid attorney/client relationships, and as such I make a tremendous effort to build a strong relationship with every one of my clients, relationships built upon trust and constant communication. In the San Fernando, CA and San Fernando Valley, CA area people turn to DCD Law when the legal matter is critical. When they need the very best attorney representation—we get the call.

After our initial meeting, you will see that my commitment to your case is unparalleled. No matter what accusations the government and/or police have thrown at you, with all their infinite resources aligned to try to take away your freedom, I will fight for you!

I serve the entire San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area. Give me a call for a consultation. It's free. — And at the odd chance I cannot help you, which would be rare, I will absolutely assist you in finding the right organization that can!


Fighting For Justice. Fighting For Your Rights

DCD Law, Criminal Defense Attorney

When you're facing a DUI or other criminal charge, it's common to experience a lot of mixed feelings—worry, anxiety, depression, and possibly outright fear. Most people are not career criminals, so when they make a mistake and break the law they immediately regret it and feel remorse for their actions. Other times, innocent people are unjustly charged with a crime they absolutely did not commit. And in either scenario, your emotions are going to be running high. I understand, and I empathize. As I mentioned above, I focus exclusively on criminal cases because I am passionate about fighting injustice, and helping people get their lives back. And I founded DCD Law precisely because I do empathize, and through DCD Law I can make a difference. For the best legal representation that gets results in San Fernando, CA and San Fernando Valley, CA, and the Greater Los Angeles area, DCD Law is the firm of choice.

About Attorney

Welcome to my website. My name is Kevin Moghtanei, and I am the principal attorney at DCD Law. I founded DCD Law to provide top-notch DUI & criminal defense to the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area. I am a native Angeleno, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, and I am proud to serve my community at the highest level. The “DCD” in DCD Law stands specifically for DUI & Criminal Defense Law. DUI and criminal defense is 100% of my practice. Nothing else. DCD Law is committed to serving you and your loved ones. I myself handle all of my cases personally, and I am always easily accessible to my clients. From day one, I give clients my cell phone number so that I can be most accessible even when out of the office. As most of my clients will tell you, I will always call or email back without delay…Read More

Impeccable Service & Respect

DCD Law, Criminal Defense Attorney

At DCD Law, our staff is devoted to the concept that everyone deserves a second chance, and we stand firm upon that core belief. When you bring me on board as your DUI & criminal defense attorney, you will have my full attention from the first meeting all the way through to the resolution of your case. Many firms put on a good show in the initial meeting in order to get you to sign their contract, then they suddenly are “in a meeting” when you try to call and get updates on your case. This practice is not only unacceptable, it's abhorrent. I respect my clients, each and every one, no matter how big or small the case, and I answer my phone. After all, it's your case, and I believe you have a right to be informed, and when you have questions or concerns, I welcome your calls. There are of course times when I am in court, but my staff will be happy to inform you of my schedule and you can count on me calling you back as soon as I am able. That doesn't mean when it's convenient for me, that means as soon as I can.

Digging Deeper

DCD Law, Criminal Defense Attorney

At DCD Law we dig deeper. Criminal cases require investigation, and we are experts in that regard. As a top performing DUI & criminal defense attorney in the San Fernando, CA and San Fernando Valley, CA area, I know what techniques get to the truth the fastest, and I apply them. I will investigate every detail of your case, from interviewing witnesses, known and unknown; to interviewing and questioning all police personnel who had a role in your arrest, charging, booking, or other; to reconstructing the events that led to your arrest, especially if you've been falsely accused; to potential police errors; violations of your rights, and beyond. My staff and I will leave no stone unturned when building your defense, and we'll work tirelessly in pursuit of a favorable outcome that will please you. Call me personally today—call Kevin Moghtanei at DCD Law, and let's talk about your case. I care about your future.

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At DCD Law, we focus on DUI and Criminal Defense and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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