Elizabeth S. Recommends Kevin Moghtanei

“Don't let Kevin's “clean-cut appearance” and that kind smile fool you. Kevin has very sharp teeth!! If he accepts your case—your case becomes his bone! He is brilliant, knows his playing cards—and plays them well! My uncle is in his mid-70s and was facing two serious felonies, which held the potential of 18 years in prison and two strikes . My uncle has NEVER been in trouble before. This was his first time ever in court room let alone facing felonies! My uncle who was out on bail was late to court -from the courtroom they took him back into custody and raised his bail to $1 million. Having sat in jail waiting for hearings and losing his daughter only a month prior, my uncle was tired and worn down—he just wanted “this over“. His public defender, who made no attempt to speak to our family or visit him in custody made a deal with the DA to accept one felony and one year in jail. My uncle , being exhausted and confused accepted the plea.

We retained Kevin—last minute! Kevin walked into courtroom having not yet met my uncle , gathered some facts and did immediate damage control – He reversed the plea and prevented my uncle from going away for one year. During the course of the court appearances Kevin began collecting the facts of what led to these charges, speaking to all of our family , met with my uncle while in custody and was able to get him released from custody under the original bail that had previously been posted while he worked on his case. Kevin , in my opinion, went above and beyond our expectations. He kept constant contact and did not leave us to the anxiety of wondering what was happening next . Kevin is upfront and honest about what is going on and what can happen. No sugar coating.

Kevin and I both know that if we had pushed this forward, he could've made ALL of it “go away” and we wanted to -but my uncle was tired and didn't want to come back to court again. With those cards on the table – Kevin was able to bring one misdemeanor , no jail time , and the ability to have this expunged back to my uncle. That is the Only reason a plea was made and accepted —we had to think of my uncle's health and mental strain this was placing on him! He had been through a literal living nightmare sitting in jail facing these these allegations . If this can happen to my uncle who has never been in trouble , a contributing member of society and 74 years old – this can happen to you! There are no better advocates for our loved ones than the family itself, and a heck of a good attorney. But, in order for your attorney to do his job he needs all the facts. Be honest with him and don't filter anything. If you or a loved one is facing trouble—find a way to get the money—walk into court with Kevin at your side. Let Kevin put the gloves on for you! THANK YOU KEVIN for all you did! Keep those teeth sharpened! Cheers , Liz and Family”

– Elizabeth S.

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