Bench Warrants

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A bench warrant refers to a warrant issued by a judge. Traditionally, judges are said to be seated on “the bench,” which is probably where the name “bench warrant” originated.

Nevertheless, a bench warrant is indeed an arrest warrant, and one can be issued for failing to appear in court, failing to timely pay or enroll (in a program for example), or disobeying a court order.

I have a great deal of experience in handling both felony bench warrants and misdemeanor bench warrants throughout Los Angeles County. It can be quite frightening when a bench warrant has been issued. However, I have been quite successful in getting warrants recalled and quashed (meaning destroyed).

If you have an outstanding bench warrant, call me today. A bench warrant allows law enforcement to come and get you, and take you to the court that issued the bench warrant.

Please contact me to discuss your bench warrant today.

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