“Kevin did an outstanding job helping me through my case. Was always straight forward and honest about everything that could possibly happen good and bad. You can definitely tell that he is very persistent about his job and makes sure that every client of his has a fair outcome and fights for what’s right. Most definitely recommend him if you are in any type of trouble.”Ryan S.

“Kevin is a best. This review is long overdue. He got me off an attempted murder case with no jail time, charges or criminal record. He helped me a year later with a D.U.I case in which I was more than double the legal limit. He can help veterans. Thank you Kevin.”Craig S.

“I highly recommend this criminal defense attorney in San Fernando CA. They did such a great job.”Brian C.

“Awesome DUI attorney! Very powerful and motivated. Great results for DUI cases!”Paul C.

“Kevin Moghtanei is the best criminal lawyer. I highly recommend the DCD LAW – Criminal Defense Attorney in San Fernando to everyone.”Daniel L.

“First of all, no one wants legal troubles. If they do arise, no one wants to have to to look up attorneys and go meet with them. I met with a couple of different attorneys before hiring Kevin for my case. Let me tell you, best decision I could have made. Without airing out all my dirty laundry here in yelp, as Dj’s and people who work in nightlife in general, it’s not uncommon to hear about DUI cases in this line of work, it’s important to know your rights, what kind of charges you are facing and what can be done to reduce those charges. Kevin worked with me from Day 1, to prep me for court, and how we could in fact get those charges reduced. I had my final hearing this past Friday, and couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results. Again without going into detail, Kevin went above and beyond to strike charges from my case, and reduce fines to nothing basically. California has a hard on for these types of cases, but with the right attorney, you do have options, options I didn’t even know were available to me.

Last thing I want to point out is this.. I sat and watched different attorneys appear in front of the same judge as my case, and man let me tell you I’m so happy that I hired Kevin. He came in after these other defendants, and proved to me he was worth every cent. Little things. Little things can make all the difference with these judges. Highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking defense council for your particular situation.”Mike R.

“Kevin Moghtanei is the best DUI lawyer in San Fernando and is highly skilled and friendly.”Bridie A.

“Honestly such a cool and relatable guy. Extremely responsive when it comes down to questions or concerns and will do his best to make sure your case ends with the best possible results. Was extremely satisfied with what he was able to do for me. I was extremely thankful.”Rogie N.

“The best lawyers to handle a hit and run or any car accident. Reza is the best. He is fearless and with heart in the right place. He is your best friend when it comes to a car accident and he does anything possible to help. My experience is being awful but him by my side I know I got this.”Mari A.

“Don’t let Kevin’s “clean-cut appearance” and that kind smile fool you. Kevin has very sharp teeth!! If he accepts your case—your case becomes his bone! He is brilliant, knows his playing cards—and plays them well! My uncle is in his mid-70s and was facing two serious felonies, which held the potential of 18 years in prison and two strikes . My uncle has NEVER been in trouble before. This was his first time ever in court room let alone facing felonies! My uncle who was out on bail was late to court -from the courtroom they took him back into custody and raised his bail to $1 million. Having sat in jail waiting for hearings and losing his daughter only a month prior, my uncle was tired and worn down—he just wanted “this over“. His public defender, who made no attempt to speak to our family or visit him in custody made a deal with the DA to accept one felony and one year in jail. My uncle , being exhausted and confused accepted the plea.

We retained Kevin—last minute! Kevin walked into courtroom having not yet met my uncle , gathered some facts and did immediate damage control – He reversed the plea and prevented my uncle from going away for one year. During the course of the court appearances Kevin began collecting the facts of what led to these charges, speaking to all of our family , met with my uncle while in custody and was able to get him released from custody under the original bail that had previously been posted while he worked on his case. Kevin , in my opinion, went above and beyond our expectations. He kept constant contact and did not leave us to the anxiety of wondering what was happening next . Kevin is upfront and honest about what is going on and what can happen. No sugar coating.

Kevin and I both know that if we had pushed this forward, he could’ve made ALL of it “go away” and we wanted to -but my uncle was tired and didn’t want to come back to court again. With those cards on the table – Kevin was able to bring one misdemeanor , no jail time , and the ability to have this expunged back to my uncle. That is the Only reason a plea was made and accepted —we had to think of my uncle’s health and mental strain this was placing on him! He had been through a literal living nightmare sitting in jail facing these these allegations . If this can happen to my uncle who has never been in trouble , a contributing member of society and 74 years old – this can happen to you! There are no better advocates for our loved ones than the family itself, and a heck of a good attorney. But, in order for your attorney to do his job he needs all the facts. Be honest with him and don’t filter anything. If you or a loved one is facing trouble—find a way to get the money—walk into court with Kevin at your side. Let Kevin put the gloves on for you! THANK YOU KEVIN for all you did! Keep those teeth sharpened! Cheers , Liz and Family”Elizabeth S.

“I found Kevin from DCD Law in September of 2018, I had a very tricky case that was going to cost me a lot of money and fines, suspension of my driver’s license and possibly jail time. When I called for a quote/consultation, Kevin was very comforting and easy to talk to and assured me he would figure this out for me, I was completely devastated and was expecting the worst. It took months before my court appearance date and dmv hearings were scheduled but he made sure to keep me updated throughout the whole process. Not only did he get my case rejected and dismissed by the court but he also got my DMV suspension set aside and now I am completely cleared and have a chance to continue on with my life. Now he is working to have my records cleared as well. I couldn’t recommend DCD Law enough, the fee they charge is so worth it for what they saved me in fines.”Jocelyn P.

“Kevin was amazing I was worried about my case getting worse and he clarified everything I was worried about. I would recommend him to any personal friend of mine thank you Kevin for giving me my life back Here is a brief snapshot of our case: The police originally arrested you for Felony Assault Causing Great Bodily Injury per PC 245(a)(4), which carries a sentence of up to 4 years in State Prison. , the DA in the previous courtroom wanted me to plea the Felony, and threatened to increase jail time.

However, our result was amazing: we got the Felony Assault FULLY DISMISSED, no state prison, no jail time! No felony on your record. We got on misdemeanor probation with some community service. Once your probation is over, we can get the whole thing expunged off you record (so you can say this case never happened). This is an excellent result!”Christian P.

“I contacted Kevin Moghtanei shortly after I was arrested and charged with an alcohol related misdemeanor. Kevin was the last of three attorneys I consulted regarding my citation. I chose to hire Kevin for several reasons: he had a plethora of knowledge regarding the law, he asked the right questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident, he spent a great deal of time getting to know me as a person, he clearly and concisely explained all of the potential outcomes, and most importantly, because he presented several different legal defense routes while accounting for every imaginable contingency. Through working with Kevin, I was able to get my case FULLY DISMISSED. I faced zero jail time, zero community labor, did not have to pay any court fines, received no probation, and of course, I received no criminal conviction to my name. Kevin made himself available to me virtually at all times from the moment I hired him as my lawyer to the moment my case was complete. The reason I am writing a review of my experience with Kevin is not because is a great lawyer— which he has proven himself to be. But instead, I write because I genuinely believe he is a great person. Even though the circumstance surrounding my encounter with Kevin was less than ideal, it was a great pleasure to have met and worked with Mr. Moghtanei. I strongly recommend Kevin to anyone in need of legal representation.”Wilber S.

“Kevin at DCD Law… Will do his very best to get you great results. Ask him about C.Js case hah. Very respectful, easy to talk too. I came to his office with my tail between my legs and seeing such a bad outcome. But after a few long and stressful weeks of waiting to see the judge Kevin worked his magic to help out with my case. Great lawyer would recommend him to anyone.”Carlos J.

“Kevin was my first (and hopefully last) criminal defense attorney that I’ve had to hire. A disgruntled landlord attacked me and I had to defend myself, which unfortunately resulted in my arrest and I was facing an assault with a deadly weapon charge, which carries up to four years in state prison. I met with a few lawyers before deciding on Kevin, and there was one big reason I did: I could tell he cared. He immediately understood the gravity of my situation and listened carefully to my side of the story, then was quick to offer ideas about how to defend me after our first consultation. Basically, I felt this guy had a strong play book from the very beginning.

The prosecution was considering filing charges against me, but we were able to set the matter for a pre-filing hearing. After a City Attorney Hearing, we successfully were able to get the case tossed and avoid ALL charges, the best possible result.

Kevin is that rare professional who can perfectly balance being responsible, knowledgeable, friendly and cool. He walked me through every step of the process and was quick to return any e-mail/call/text I had with answers to all of my questions. I rolled the dice on him because of a good gut feeling I had, and so grateful I did.”Greg

“Excellent Service and results with DCD Law firm!! I reached out to Kevin seeking to reduce a past conviction and request expungement. I was extremely nervous and anxious of the unknown but Kevin’s positive demeanor helped me relax while he proved himself very knowledgeable with the law, got up to speed with my case in a short time and communicated every step…. all the while providing me comfort and support during this intense process. Kevin’s approach to my case was strategic and very effective, by far exceeded my expectations with his representation on my behalf since I live out of state and thrilled to report both motions were granted. I am forever grateful to Kevin for helping put this part of the past officially to rest.

While no one wishes to find themselves in a criminal situation, but if life catches you off guard for whatever reason I recommend contacting Kevin Moghtanei immediately. He’s the best choice you can make!”Anthony R.

“I would like to first say on behalf of my whole family, thank you Kevin. You delivered on everything you promised and really came through for my family. It’s rare in today’s age that a lawyer really does what they promise they are going to do. I am so happy with the result in this case!! We started this case with five criminal counts and the prosecution was seeking extensive jail time for my son. But Kevin was able to get the majority of the counts dismissed and he got him released rather quickly. He also saved me 3K in court fees. So, if I look at it. The cost of his services paid themselves. Hiring his service was the best money invested. I can honestly say that Kevin was God sent. Admire the way he cares about his job. He has empathy for his clients and will do his best to provide the best advice possible. While in court, he’s the only lawyer that engages with the DA & the other people in court. Kevin is definitively special. He’s passionate about his work, and you will see the results.

My entire family is grateful for the amazing outcome on my son’s case. He always kept me informed on the status of the case. He was always available to discuss any concerns. He really gave me a peace of mind, while my son served his time (two weeks). My son was arrested on Saturday. I left Kevin a message on Sunday and he called me back right away. Met with him on Monday, and he represented my son on Tuesday. I cannot say enough on how grateful I am with Kevin. If, I had not hired him, my son would still be in jail as I write this, serving probably 1 to 3 years in jail. I was very lucky to have had him on our side. I will definitely hire him without a doubt again. I will forever be grateful Kevin.”Nohemi G.

“I would HIGHLY recommend Kevin Moghtanei to anyone in need of a professional advocate.

Here is a brief overview of this case: I was falsely accused of battery misdemeanor, I found out quickly that once you enter the court system you need someone who who can guide you thorough a situation that most of us are completely unaware of. I found Kevin and after meeting with him realized he was the person I wanted and needed representing me.

The prosecution was trying to convict me of misdemeanor battery on another person, and attempting to give me up to 6 months in county jail, along with possibly one year of anger management counseling.

Rather than having the burden and cost of a trial. Kevin successfully was able to get the misdemeanor charge fully dismissed, so that my record is still clear! We also were able to avoid any jail time, and avoided the anger management program. We settled with the prosecution for a mere infraction for disturbing the peace, which is akin to a jaywalking ticket. I was more than happy with the outcome and able to move past a situation I have never been in before.

Kevin was professional and efficient throughout my case, he was also reassuring and friendly when I needed it. Again, I would HIGHLY recommend Kevin Moghtanei to anyone in need of a professional advocate.”Randy S.

“I’m writing today to express my gratitude and appreciation for Attorney Kevin Moghtanei of DCD Law, the person who stood by me through a legal case that if convicted with six counts of felony, would leave me behind bars resulting to a huge negative impact in my career and my life. I set up three meetings with different attorneys prior to meeting with Kevin and decided to retain DCD Law as he made me feel at ease from the very beginning. We met on several occasions to discuss my case and Kevin was always professional, helpful and attentive. He made me feel his interest in my well-being is genuine and sincere. He always listened. Even when things were uncertain, he was optimistic. Kevin isn’t just my attorney, he’s whom I consider today a friend for life. Through his efforts, my cases were dismissed! I have never felt so relieved. Words can’t express how grateful and thankful I am for his guidance and support. Thank you Kevin for a job well done! I wish you and DCD law much continued success as you continue to make a difference in the lives of many others. Again, thank you!”Lauren R.

“I would genuinely like to thank Kevin Moghtanei for all this hard word and dedication he put forward while working with me. He was able to get my case dropped/dismissed, which was currently putting my career on hold for few months. I can proudly say that he is a man with great integrity and work ethics, he followed up with me consistently and was available whenever I had questions. Any individual would be happy to have Kevin represent them in the professional manner he has represented me and his other clients. Thanks you, Mr. Moghtanei.”Ruben R.

“Kevin is the most trustworthy,and reliable lawyer that I have ever met. He is so knowledgeable and experienced, sometimes you think that he is your best friend who gives you some legal advice. Don’t hesitate to contact him at the time that you need a lawyer. Hrayr I. Havai”Tina B.

“Kevin took the time to make sure that I knew everything that could, should and would happen throughout my case. I would absolutely recommend Kevin to anyone looking for the best defense lawyers. He is professional, relaxed, connected and above all else, an expert attorney. Thank you for all your hard work, Kevin!”Bobby L.

“Kevin Moghtanei did a fantastic job. I got me a minimum sentence on my case. He was very reasonable on lawyer fees. He always kept me informed of my case. I definefely recommend arttorney Moghtanei to anyone out there in need of a lawyer. Thank you Mr. Moghtanei for all you hard work!”Rob H.

“Super informative and helpful law office.”Amparo B.

“Kevin was fantastic. From the get go he made sure I understood the process and what my options were. He was frank about potential outcomes, but explored every avenue to reach a best-case scenario. He is clearly experienced and knows his stuff.”Ramon G.

“Kevin was able to get my case dismissed completely with no tarnish on my record. He kept in contact with me at all times and made me feel relaxed and calm about the whole matter. Very understandable, clear and direct with how the case was going to be handled. Thank you Kevin, I appreciate everything that you did for me.”Rigo

“It has been an incredibly productive and pleasant experience seeking Kevin’s professional service. Not only is he knowledgeable, he is patient and detail oriented. I had very little understanding about my case but Kevin spent much time walking me through the process. I also appreciated his professional work-ethic, he is always responsive and he went above and beyond to prepare me for future relevant issues. I would highly recommend Kevin Moghtanei to anyone.”Rajeev M.

“I came across Kevin as I was looking for a local Lawyer in Dan Fernando to represent me. I was being charged of a hit and run because my previous employer refused to pay the damage done to a motorcycle I backed up into when I was still working for the company. I messaged Kevin in the early hours of the day about 7:30 and he was quick to respond despite it being before business hours. I work out of town Monday to Friday so I could not make it to his office for the consultation and Kevin was kind enough to offer meeting with me on a Saturday which is not a day of business. After looking over my case he told me he could represent me and if he did I didn’t have to be present until the last court day so I wouldn’t have to miss work. He took my case on for a flat rate no matter how long it would take or how many court days would come out of it( they were a few, case went in for about 5 months). Kevin also made himself available to me 24/7 he made me aware that he was obly a text or phone call away if any truble camw forth. Kevin was always really cool and down to earth, spoke to me as a friend and made me feel good about the direction the case was going. We were going to try and get a civil settlement and I would have to pay the owner of the motorcycle out of pocket. Kevin kept seeking each and every possibility to get me the best result. The case was finally closed September 19 and I walked away with a clean driving record, no criminal charge and no fines. Thank you for everything Kevin.”Joel G.

“I had called around and received quotes from multiple law firms, I was blown away with Kevin Moghtanei. His quote was very reasonable. He was very professional and he was so understanding to my predicament. He fought like a tiger for me and won my case with full dismissal. His attention to detail and his work ethic make him a fantastic lawyer. I just can’t say enough good things about Kevin Moghtanei and DCD LAW.”Jeffrey A.

“Mr. Moghtanei is a fiercely loyal individual. This quality translates exceptionally well when advocating for his clients. He never leaves a client without legal recourse, and you can be certain that he will fight your case through to the very end!”Paymaun R.

“Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney in San Fernando Valley. I was being hunted by one case since more than 10 years. I took my case to Kevin Moghtanei. He brought in a miracle results. Case against me was dropped! It Was very wonderful news to hear! Thank you very much Kevin Moghtanei and I would recommend Kevin Moghtanei to anyone for any case.”A Satisfied Client

“I am very grateful for the services provided by Kevin Moghtanei and his team! They were very diligent and professional from beginning to end. He was able to help me and give advice on day one and was able to free me from the situations and cases I was facing. Couldn’t ask for a better law firm or lawyer, simply the Best! I am very appreciative of having had Kevin Moghtanei on my side during the proceedings, and I highly recommend him as an excellent criminal defense lawyer in San Fernando.”A Satisfied Client

“Extremely impressed overall with Kevin and his ability to help me with my case. He not only worked with me on finding a solution, but was able to resolve the case within 4 months with the case dropped due to lack of probable cause to pull me over. I would definitely recommend him to anyone searching for a DUI lawyer in the san fernando valley.”Payam K.

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