Christian P. Recommends Kevin Moghtanei

“Kevin was amazing I was worried about my case getting worse and he clarified everything I was worried about. I would recommend him to any personal friend of mine thank you Kevin for giving me my life back Here is a brief snapshot of our case: The police originally arrested you for Felony Assault Causing Great Bodily Injury per PC 245(a)(4), which carries a sentence of up to 4 years in State Prison. , the DA in the previous courtroom wanted me to plea the Felony, and threatened to increase jail time.

However, our result was amazing: we got the Felony Assault FULLY DISMISSED, no state prison, no jail time! No felony on your record. We got on misdemeanor probation with some community service. Once your probation is over, we can get the whole thing expunged off you record (so you can say this case never happened). This is an excellent result!”

– Christian P.

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